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Securing juveniles production of Eurasian perch by improving reproduction and larval rearing


The main objective of this project is to secure the production of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis) juveniles (3-5 g) in order to sustain the development of European SMEs (6) which have funded in this new way of diversification (production of 10-15 g fillets for consumption markets corresponding to 100-150 g fish). Presently, the juveniles availability is very low and limited to the annual cycle of reproductive period which occurs in early spring.

Moreover, the quality of supplied juveniles is very variable. Thus, to support the sustainable development of Eurasian perch production, a R.D project is proposed to help the setting of a hatchery - nursery activity that other SMEs wish to develop. In order to respond to the demand, a first objective of this R.D project will focus on the optimisation of the broodstock management considering environmental, nutritional and population variables (i) to obtain delayed (extension of the natural reproductive period) and out-of-season spawning.

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