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A thermal imaging based part inspection tool to enhance the competitiveness of the large group of SMEs within the EU injection moulding Industry


Industrial Objectives

The principle objective of this project is to develop a new low cost Thermal Imaging based Part Inspection System that allows injection-moulders to rapidly identify parts that are likely to develop failures, as a consequence of cooling or future expensive reprocessing such as painting and chroming, before the parts are cooled down, thereby saving hours of wasted production. The proposal will address the 7,50bn EU problem of process failure and waste in the injection moulding sector.

The prototype development of the thermal imaging based part inspection system will improve the competitiveness of the large community of 25,000 SMEs in the EU injection moulding sector by facilitating a productivity improvement of 2%and decreasing waste with 10%. This will provide the plastic processing sector with the necessary momentum to increase our competitiveness against non-EU competition by contributing towards our efforts to off-set the labour cost advantages of our Asian competitors.

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