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Reflexive governance in the public interest


This proposal will focus on emerging institutional mechanisms which seek to answer the question of market failures by means other than command-and-control regulation imposed in the name of the public interest. It will seek to identify these new mechanism s, to evaluate them and to make institutional proposals for an improved form of governance. It proposes to ground its empirical work in five material fields: services of general interest, global public services and common goods, institutional frames for markets, corporate governance, and fundamental rights governance. These laboratories of new forms of governance in the public interest have been chosen because a wide perspective must, be adopted to define the preconditionsof public interest, especially i n the provision of public services. Indeed, this question can only be approached adequately by also investigating the institutional frames required for an efficient regulation of competitive activities, as the borders between the sectors of competitive a ctivities and traditional public services become still more indistinct; any answer to this question must also take into account the international context in which the EU has to regulate economic activities and in particular the services of general economi c interest; it must build on the evolutions of corporate governance as it is increasingly being recognized that, in relation to the enterprises which supply services of general interest, how companies are owned and controlled has a vital impact on the w ay they respond to regulatory interventions; and, finally, it must seek inspiration from the common values on which the Union is built - indeed, fundamental rights may have a decisive role in the future in contributing to social and territorial cohesion in the Union. One of the outcomes of our research will be a Public Interest Assessment protocol. Such a protocol woud favor a better evaluation of services of general interest.

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