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Highly parallel cell culture in nanodrops, a new format for high content cell based toxicity screening on cell on chips


Implementing highly parallel cell based assays able to replace animal testing is crucial for a large variety of industries. Some cell-based assays have already been achieved using multi-wells plastic plates where individual cell cultures and their stimulations are realised in wells. Unfortunately these novel technologies did not allow to get the level of discoveries that was expected when phenotyping cells for drug discovery and toxicology. DNA chips experiments have already permit massive analyses of animal and human genomes particularly used for in vitro toxicological studies. More information could be obtained replacing the DNA spots by drops of cell culture allowing to establish the relationship between cell phenotypes and chemical toxicity. The aim of this two year ToxDrop project is to develop a Cell on Chip technology where various phenotypes illustrating cytotoxicity can be characterised through the phenotyping of cells in highly parallel cell based reactions on a single chip. The substrate of the biochip will allow to achieve the necessary precision in the formation of the cellular nanodrops and the high content analyses of cell cultures based on fluorescent, high contrast optical based detection as well as mass spectrometry phenotypic signatures. The project will help three European SMEs to get access to the pioneer technology of the Cell on Chip which could be used in particular for cell based in vitro toxicological studies by the industry. The ToxDrop validation will be planned through discussions with ECVAM and realised through tests in cellular nanodrops by academic laboratories specialised in pharmacological and chemical toxicological studies. In order to reproduce on the Cell on Chip several assays previously tested in animals, toxicity will be carried out in nanodrops containing several types of cells issued from various organs of several species. In particular some problems never solved without the use of animal will be tackled...

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