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Advanced teaching and research in environmental microbiology / biotechnology


The 6th Frame Programme of the EC opens a way for EU Member States andAssociated Candidate Countries to establish collaborative activities ina broad spectrum of science. The aim of the proposed Marie Curie Chair isto make a contribution to this goal by sha ring the chair holder'sexperience in Environmental Microbiology/Biotechnology with scientists,students, NGOs and other interrested audience in the Czech Republic inorder to establish this important curriculum in a country which urgentlyneeds to improve the quality of air, water and soil by applying advancedtechnologies currently used in the EU. Basically, the Chair's activitywill be focused on the following research priorities defined by the EC:(a) Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems(b) Li fe Science, Biotechnology for Health.Professor Z. Filip (Germany) as a proposed Chair Holder was holding a postof Director & Professor at the German Federal Environmental Agency, and aProfessorship in Environmental Microbiology at the Institute of Tech nology(TU) Berlin till June 30, 2003. He shall teach graduate classes and post¬graduate courses and supervise PhD Theses at the Institute of ChemicalTechnology Prague (ICTP) in the Czech Republic. The ÏCTP has four facultiesand represents the larger instit ution of higher education in the CentralEurope in the above field. For this reason it will be an optimum host forthe proposed Marie Curie Chair that in a joint effort with Prof. Filipcould guarantee for the spreading of the advanced teaching and research i nEnvironmental Microbiology/Biotechnology not only in the Czech Republic butalso in other Associated Candidate Countries.'

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