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Advanced teaching and research in environmental microbiology / biotechnology

Final Activity Report Summary - TERESEN (Advanced teaching and research in environmental microbiology / biotechnology)

The research took place between October 2004 and March 2008 (with an interruption from 1 December 2006 to 31 May 2007) at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague (ICTP), Czech Republic with more than 2000 students and highly capable teachers and scientists. The ICTP represents the largest institution of higher education in the respective field in the (former) eastern part of Europe. The chair of the project utilised the project in order to resume his internationally based experience in environmental sciences and to disseminate advanced research results, both in the Czech Republic and other countries. For his work at the ICTP, he developed an extended teaching program that included biological, ecological and technological fundamentals of environmental protection with a special attention to soil and groundwater protection, biological treatment of municipal wastes and gaseous pollutants, and also to principles of the environmental hygiene.

Within this broad frame of themes the chair holder regularly offered up to eight seminars per semester, which were devoted to different topics. These were based on research results obtained by himself and other scientists, and included topics such as:
(i) microbiological, ecological and legal principles of soil protection in Germany and the European Union;
(ii) microbial agents and activities to affect the groundwater quality;
(iii) microbiological and biochemical parameters to evaluate environmental stability of municipal refuse disposed of in a landfill;
(iv) nanoscience - astroscience - soil science: a novel view on the origin of terrestrial soils.

The international reputation of the Marie Curie chair as established at the ICTP found a high recognition by numerous invitations of the chair holder to be a key speaker at international conferences. These invitations included nine prestigious NATO advanced research workshops and study institutes (NATO ARW / NATO ASI) carried out in different countries. The dissemination of advanced knowledge in environmental science as result of the Marie Curie chair activities obtained a truly international dimension in this way. Nonetheless, other ten presentations were delivered at the Czech national or jointly organised Czech and Slovak scientific conferences. Furthermore, within the time frame of the Marie Curie project, and in cooperation with the project coordinator, the chair holder has written twenty five chapters devoted to different topics of environmental sciences.