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Integrated piezoelectric devices

Final Report Summary - MIND (Multifunctional and integrated piezoelectric devices)

The ultimate aim of the MIND project was twofold: the establishment of a sustainable structure which would constitute the European expertise centre for research into piezoelectric technologies and their applications, and a better understanding of phenomena which occur in piezoelectric materials and structures. This knowledge is necessary for the design of new and enhanced piezoelectric devices such as:
- sensors (force, motion, acceleration, pressure, temperature, infrared radiation, chemical or biological);
- transducers (medical imaging, therapy, blood flow measurements, non-destructive evaluation and testing, industrial flow metres, underwater acoustics, airborne acoustics, surface acoustic wave and bulk acoustic wave);
- active devices (actuators, micromotors, micropumps, vibration control, noise reduction, hearing aids for handicapped, fuel injectors for diesel engines, inkjet printer heads, production of energy from natural motion);
- energy saving and recovery devices.