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Technological Results Exchange Network

Final Report Summary - STREN (Technological results exchange network)

The ultimate aim of the STREN project was to foster Scientific and technological innovation (STI) cooperation amongst Tunisia and Europe (EU) in the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programme (FP6 and FP7) priority thematic areas and within innovation networks, such as EUREKA, with the perspective of focusing on science and technology-based industrial development. Specifically the project focused on:
- improving mutual STI systems visibility and information flow amongst Tunisia and EU;
- improving the mobility of researchers and technologists;
- creating a core number of experts on European Community STI instruments

The project would contribute to an improvement of the STI long-term relationships amongst Tunisia and EU in the degree that it would widen the informative basis and raise awareness of the currently available tools for transnational cooperation, highlight strengths and weaknesses and provide the basis for sustainable action plans. In particular, the project activities were expected to bring the following benefits:
- improved visibility and information flow amongst Tunisia and EU on both STI systems. Subsequently, the number of Tunisian and European STI operators informed would sharply increase, as well as the number of cooperation proposals;
- improved mobility capacity of researchers and technologists to the degree that it would be boosted to higher levels in Tunisia and Europe research and technology areas of specific interest;
- creation of a Tunisian network of experts fully trained on the European Community instruments. It consisted of 10 Tunisian researchers and technologists which would have the role to promote and improve knowledge of European STI tools, identify local needs for cooperation and technology transfer, as well as encourage and support the participation process in research programmes;
- improved networking amongst STI organisations both inside Tunisia and amongst Tunisia and Europe by increasing the connection between research and industry and encouraging the establishment of new links with STI organisations of European countries