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European support for Tunisian technology

Strengthening cooperation between the EU and Tunisia in science and technology (S&T) will enrich industrial development in both regions and help Tunisia become more industrially competitive.


Tunisia is considered one of the more advanced nations in north Africa with a solid technology background and institutions. The EU-funded project 'Technological results exchange network' (STREN) advanced cooperation between the EU and Tunisia in the areas of science, technology and innovation (STI). The project focused in particular on furthering technology-based industrial development, improving systems flow, enhancing mobility of researchers between the two regions, and establishing a body of experts on related topics. Beyond improved visibility and information flow between the EU and Tunisia’s systems, the project aimed to increase the number of joint projects and partnerships. It also looked at ways to facilitate exchange of researchers in specific fields that required more expertise. Another related objective that the project worked towards was the establishment of a Tunisian network of 10 EU-trained Tunisian experts, researchers and technologists. These key players would be able to encourage the use of the EU's STI tools, promote technology transfer, pinpoint areas of cooperation and raise participation in EU research programmes. This would eventually lead to new networking opportunities and research-industry links, involving STI organisations and key players from European countries as well. The overall effect would be a marked upgrade in exchanges, laying the groundwork for sustainable action plans that will help Tunisia realise its full potential in the STI field.

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