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European - South Africa science and technology advancement programme

Final Report Summary - ESASTAP (European - South Africa Science and Technology Advancement Programme)

The overall aim of the project was the formation of a dedicated platform for the advancement of European Union (EU) - South African (SA) Scientific and technological (S&T) cooperation.

ESASTAP was established with the primary objectives of:
- promoting and enhancing bilateral and multilateral S&T cooperation between SA and the EU at community and individual member state levels;
- advancing S&T through developing, improving and supporting S&T networks and partnerships between EU and SA scientists and institutions; and
- deriving benefit for the people of the participating countries through identifying and addressing S&T priorities that provide opportunities for increased economic growth, and improved quality of life.

The ESASTAP team has achieved a significant number of achievements since the project started in line with the planned milestones and deliverables. Further, it should be noted that ESASTAP 2 was established under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and is still very active. As reported in year 1 and 2, the overall the project has achieved the goals it set out to meet, which was to:
(i) showcase the excellence and innovation of SA science and also S&T activities of individual EU Member States, as well as to foster the development of S&T networks and partnerships;
(ii) promote greater SA participation in the activities of the Framework Programmes;
(iii) create and maintain systems and for a promoting increased awareness and utilisation by both SA and EU countries of existing and future S&T cooperative initiatives; and
(iv) develop targeted initiatives that facilitate the SA and the EU to jointly identify S&T priorities for enhancing cooperation.

ESASTAP has developed several systems to aid and facilitate SA - European partnering and networking, and enhanced SA participation in the Framework Programmes. The ESASTAP mobility portal and partnering database were launched; ESASTAP regularly publishes e-communiqués, thus constantly updating the community and ensuring that the community keeps the opportunities for engagement in the Framework Programme forefront in their minds. ESASTAP has also published various brochures, posters, CDs etc.; hosted a young scientist competition, and exhibited at several international and national conferences, actions that all serve to highlight SA S&T excellence, and market the opportunities for SA participation in the Framework Programme.

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