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The aim of the Y-NET project is to establish a pan-European distributed Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) network to provide all participants in ESPRIT and other EC R&D Programmes with improved communications and exchange of data, using OSI conformant software and equipment.
The OSI-based network services to be provided by Y-NET will comprise X.400 electronic mail, file transfer and access management (FTAM), directory services and office document architecture (ODA). These services will be made available to the R&D community involved in Community-supported research, including those in small and medium-sized enterprises who do not have access to communication networks.
Y-NET nodes will be established in the Member States via organisations acting as National Operating Units (NOUs) coordinated by the Y-NET management Unit (YMU) located in Brussels. The Y-NET services will be linked to COSINE and other associated national and international infrastructural network, facilitating access to these services. An NOU will provide (in the appropriate national language):
user support and a help desk
user administration.
Operational and management costs will be fully met by ESPRIT as part of its communications infrastructure activities, and a group of European manufacturers (Bull, Olivetti Systems & Networks and SNI) will provide free equipment for the project and assist Teleo in resolving technical issues.
The main purpose of the project is to establish a pan-European distributed open systems interconnection (OSI) service infrastructure to ensure that all the participants in European Community research and development programmes will enjoy improved communications and exchange of data, based on OSI conformant systems. One of the major features of the project is the management structure, which is based on 2 organisational levels including a central coordination and management unit.


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