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Credits-based, people-centric approach for the adoption of healthy life-styles and balanced Mediterranean diet in the frame of social participation and innovation for health promotion


The CREDITS4HEALTH project’s main goal is to develop a person centric approach based on the “credits for health” concept to reduce sedentary behavior and enhance the level of physical activity and healthy dietary styles in people living in Euro-Mediterranean Countries. The concept of credits is simple and effective: this means that each participant will earn credits from his local, regional or national Health Authority on the basis of his/her participation and involvement in the achievement of an healthy life-style, and his/her attitude to sponsor this philosophy in his community. The CREDITS4HEALTH vision is therefore to have people directly acting for their health and well being, operating on three fundamental levers to enhance the quality of their lives, through the reduction of sedentary behavior, the active participation to the social life and the adoption of an healthier diet. The CREDITS4HEALTH approach is virtuous and straightforward: 1)First, we will define personalised algorithms containing dietary and physical activity prescriptions, taking into account the medical, psychological, social, and economic background of each person; 2) Once screened by the local Credits4Health Committee, the participant receives an electronic card, which enables him to track his compliance to the regime through a dedicated web based platform; 3)With his electronic card, the participant also gets access to a full range of suppliers which offer him goods for fulfilling his health-related objectives;4)Suppliers must be certified by the local authority, according to a specified set of requirements and they must certify the products they intend to commercialise for this initiative;5)Participants gain credits as far as they comply with their daily, weekly and monthly goals; they are also subject to a six monthly mandatory assessment performed by the Credits4Health Committee, in which the algorithm can be modified and fine-tuned to the needs of the participant.

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