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Resource and Energy Efficient Manufacturing


REEMAIN combines cutting edge knowledge and experience from production processes, professional energy simulation, energy and resource planning, and renewable energy and storage to develop and demonstrate a methodology and platform for the boost, of efficiency resources.

Based on the knowledge of who are the energy consumers in manufacturing REEMAIN offers 3 solutions. 1) Innovation in technologies for better use of renewables. 2) Predictive simulation models for production. 3) Factory energy and resource planning tools.

The project will try to validate all the solutions in the Fraunhofer IWU “Research Factory”. After that, REEMAIN demonstration activities will take place in 3 different strategic EU factories: Bossa textiles, Gullon biscuits and SCM foundry. Through these factories, REEMAIN will demonstrate to industries which account for more than 50% of CO2 emissions and more than 20% consumption of electricity in industry. These industries represent a balance between carbon-embodied production and energy intensive sectors.

REEMAIN will pursue four high impact exploitation avenues. 1) We will link to existing Standards and eco-factory labeling concepts. 2) We will lead an “MTP project extension” 3) We will participate in the creation of CEN workshops, CEN technical committees or standards. 4) we will communicate REeMAIN project results to target.

Within this framework, REEMAIN then moves toward zero carbon manufacturing and Energy Efficiency 2.0 through the intelligent employment of renewable energy technologies and resource saving strategies that consider energy purchase, generation, conversion, distribution, utilization, control, storage, re-use in a holistic and integrated way.

Our vision is that Europe REEMAINs the world leader in sustainability through energy and resource efficient manufacturing.

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