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International Cancer Research Fellowships


The Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC), the Italian leading charity providing about 40% of all research funds invested in cancer research in Italy, proposes to award 56 fellowship/years for international mobility in two yearly calls for proposals. The fellowships will be awarded, started and concluded in the 4 years of the iCARE duration.

iCARE will address the following issues:
- International mobility. AIRC aims at promoting the flow of cancer researchers to and from Europe with Outgoing, Incoming and Reintegration Fellowships.
- Individual-driven mobility. Fellows will be able to choose freely their destination (country, hosting institution and laboratory).
- Fields of research. With a completely bottom-up approach, fellows will propose the their own research topic, with a clear focus on cancer.
- Working conditions. iCARE will improve the fellows conditions by awarding full employments contracts, including social security contributions.
- Training. Fellows will have the opportunity of widening their competences and expertise by receiving complementary skills trainings.
- Selection process. AIRC will employ its fair and transparent peer review process to select only the most competitive and meritorious applications.
- Gender balance. When equally qualified, researchers will be selected in order to achieve an optimal gender balance among the awardees.
- Geographic distribution. When equally qualified, researchers from less favoured countries will be selected.

The expected outcomes of this fellowship programme will coincide with the main objectives of the European Research Area (ERA). With this initiative AIRC will increase the flow of competent researchers through Europe, improve their employment conditions and enhance their professional advancement. Ultimately, iCARE will create the optimal conditions for the generation, transferring and sharing of knowledge and technological development, bringing to a wide-opening of the ERA to the world.

Call for proposal

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Federico Caligaris Cappio (Dr.)
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