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Development and Application of Super-resolution Localization Microscopy


"The objective of the present integration proposal is to establish PI’s career potential via the transfer of a state-of-the-art optical microscopy technique called localisation based single molecule detection, at the host institute. This method can enhance the spatial resolution of traditional optical microscopes by an order of magnitude, and can image samples with structures of sub-10 nm. It can be used for the examination of biological (cells, tissues, etc.) and other samples labelled with traditional fluorescent dyes or photoactive proteins. The main objective of system development is to implement polarisation sensitive multicolour imaging in 3D. Furthermore, we aim to minimise the acquisition time, which is currently the key limitation of the method. These developments will make it possible to monitor the dimer, oligomer and fibre formation of proteins. The scientific background established and the equipment procured earlier at the host institute will provide a solid foundation for the implementation of the objectives, however we aim to use the grant for the procurement of additional equipment specifically required for the project. The method proposed in the system will organically supplement the ongoing microscopy research activities at the department with single molecule detection. Wider national and international cooperation would provide the biological background required for applications. The grant would also significantly contribute to the personal career of the applicant, who has been developing similar systems. With the help of the reintegration grant the applicant would transfer the necessary knowledge and know-how to the host institute and the local research community. Based on his existing cooperation the host institute can join the “super-resolution microscopy” research network in Europe. Through his teaching and scientific activities he can contribute to the scientific excellence of Szeged in the narrower context, and that of the EU in a wider one."

Call for proposal

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Dugonics Ter 13
6720 Szeged
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 100 000
Administrative Contact
Olga Németh (Mrs.)