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Preparing large scale deployment of targeted services to support active and healthy ageing ¿ Wide deployment of integrated care

PhysioDom–HDIM proposes an ICT platform that offers on a large territory a new service – Home Dietary Intake Monitoring based on readings and monitoring of weight, lean/fat ratio and physical activity, complemented with an intervention structure and strategy – the Home Diet Coaching. PhysioDom-HDIM is an innovative ICT solution that enhances living conditions for senior citizens, as well as improving the efficiency and integration health and social care systems. The PhysioDom HDIM system has been developed based on a small French pilot, the Reseau Vercors Sante project, which successfully trialled the system in 50 homes and engaged with 70 health and social care professionals. The pilot was run over a two year period and delivered positive results and acceptance by its users. It now needs to be on a larger scale that involves all of the players -from institutions to end-users at home.

PhysioDom-HDIM is an innovative solution that improves living conditions for elderly persons as well as integration and efficiency for health care and social care systems.
PhysioDom-HDIM is based on a system that is up and running since several years and has shown good results and acceptance by the users.
Ever more research confirm the central role of an adequate diet and a reasonable level of physical exercise for health and wellbeing. To address this issue a new key component will be added to the PhysioDom system: A lifestyle coaching system called HDIM (Home Dietary Intake Monitoring). This system will suggest diet and physical exercise levels in accordance with the individual situation of each end user, and monitor the compliance of these recommendations.
Our project consists of implementing a large scale pilot of the PhysioDom-HDIM system in three different European countries, with three different organisational set-ups, with the aim to obtain sufficiently robust performance data to make a large scale roll-out feasible.
Thus the project will contribute to higher quality and more sustainable health and social care systems in Europe, as well as to improved health and wellbeing among Europe's elderly.

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