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The creation of the Department of INTEGRATIVE PLANT BIOLOGY


The superior idea of the BIO-TALENT project is to integrate staff members of the Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences with the European Research Area, enhance research competence and performance, generate an increase of knowledge, visibility and intensity of collaboration (existing and new) and establish long-lasting partnerships between academia and industry. High-quality research and industry will benefit from each other in two doctorates, with one being obligatory an industrial doctorate to our knowledge performed in Poland for the first time in plant genetics and related bio-sciences. Special attention will be paid to strengthening ties with high quality research institutions as well as with the end-users (farmers, agricultural advisers, industry and government). As primary business partners we forsee plant breeding stations as well as agrochemical companies. Funds allocated to this project will make possible to employ top-class experts with qualifications indispensable for the implementation of the long-term Institute's Development Strategy as well as to purchase the unique software and equipment contributing to better research performance. With the project accomplishment, the Institute will gain a competitive research potential to conduct interdisciplinary research on molecular genetics, genomics, resistance to stresses and bioinformatics at the Department of Integrative Plant Biology. The establishment of the BioTech unit will play a key role in this project coordinating cooperation with private sector and technology transfer. The project objectives will be achieved through a coherent set of the following actions: recruitment of the ERA Chair holder and the BIO TALENT team, collaboration, twinning and networking, knowledge transfer through workshops, seminars and lectures, industrial doctorates, participation in conferences, exchange of know-how and experience, study visits to transfer best practices, secondments to private sector as well as wide promotion of the project and various outreach activities.

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