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Application of advanced technologies and stochastic modeling in the study of submarine groundwater discharge


"Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) is the subsurface flow of continental water to the sea or coastal water systems. It has become increasingly important during recent years due to the effect on coastal ecosystems associated with the contaminants produced either naturally or anthropogenically inland. The increasing impact of this problem is illustrated by the inclusion of protection figures in the European Water Framework Directive and by the rising number of scientific articles on the subject. Nevertheless due to the difficulties inherent to the fieldwork and the lack of coherence between results in different regions, there is an urgent need to apply new monitoring tools to gain a greater understanding of the process. In this IOF, I propose a new methodology consisting in the use of field advanced technologies and the application of uncertainty analysis through stochastic modeling. This will contribute to answering the most challenging question in the study of SGD; what is the effect of the geological heterogeneity on flux patterns. I will acquire new knowledge and develop my expertise through research training at an outstanding holistic research group in the study of SGD (University of Delaware) because of the use of innovative methods to quantify SGD and variable density modeling. My research objective will be to develop a new work methodology that will be exportable and validated at a second field site with the assistance of the return host group in the University of Copenhagen (Peter Engesgaard). This IOF proposal presents ambitious objectives, which require the integration of multiple methods and in deep analysis, but at the same time, it is based on well-developed and solid techniques in the Hydrogeology studies to ensure the success of the project."

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MC-IOF - International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF)


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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Bjarne Friis Ploumark (Mr.)