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“Boosting the EU ARCTic poliCY: security, sAfety and sustainability”


The Arctic is subject to major and rapid changes in social and economic systems, ecosystems and environmental processes. With the growing interest of the oil and gas sector in the Arctic, it has become clear that there is a high business development potential for Arctic and non-Arctic institutions and corporations. The EU, which is strictly dependent on the Arctic with regard to the import of natural resources, is greatly aware of the importance of the Arctic for its future generations. Among the main risks connected to growing international interest in the Arctic, there are the contamination and over-exploitation of essential resources by multinational corporations, in need of high quality knowledge for sustainable development. It is against this background that this research proposal, “Boosting the EU ARCTic poliCY: security, sAfety and sustainability” (EU_ARCTYCA) aims at analyzing the EU expanding role in the Arctic and its ecosystem approach to security, safety and sustainability matters in the Arctic, while seeking to deploy its actions related to the EU regulatory framework of corporate environmental responsibility, i.e. corporate commitment to assess business compliance with environmental impact and sustainable development thus assuming responsibility of their business operations.

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Hansine Hansens Veg 14
9019 Tromso
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Henriksen Tore (Prof.)