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Open and Scalable Intelligent Meters for Advanced Home Services


The OSIM-AHS project aims to provide an OMI-compatible intelligent meter prototype capable of operating in the near-real user exploitation environment. It is carried out by a European consortium composed of Alcatel SESA (the co-ordinating partner), Electricity of Portugal, MIETEC, INESC and University of Aveiro.

A comprehensive feasibility study is required in order to evaluate first the critical aspects of OSIM-AHS from both the technology and business considerations. The results must aim to validate the benefits of OMI open-system concept and application-specific microprocessors in the important field or intelligent metering, and to provision a set of competitive and state-of-the-art technologies for a large range of industries concerned (utility companies, meter producers, software developers and IC designers).

The specific objectives of the project are to:

- provide a clearer understanding of the user's requirements and provide insights into the key system functionalities and performances, by major product segments (electricity, gas, water, domestic appliances and other household equipments) and by national markets in Europe
- anticipate the competitive environment, in particular the product and service strategies of major players, European or non-European
- evaluate the social and economic impacts of intelligent metering in Europe
- identify and assess the key leverages to favour the development of the targeted markets
- define product concepts and specify the key characteristics of the future OMI-compatible Intelligent Meter (system functionalities, technologies, communications, application-specific electronics and field-trial sites)
- identify relationships with International Standard and recommend where applicable the use of specific Esprit and European standards
- disseminate the achievements of the OSIM/AHS project on the interest community
- involve the main European users and meter manufacturers (EDF, IBERDROLA) in the second phase of OSIM/AHS project.
- recommend an R&D approach in this field, including the definition of an adequate consortium to carry out the subsequent developments of OSIM-AHS.


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