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Integrative strategy for the development of urinary bladder analogs


The current treatment of bladder defects is often associated with high site morbidity and patient discomfort. The therapeutic standard methods, involve the use of materials with low biological performance and lack in replicating the bladder’s anatomical structure. Regenerative Bladder Therapy (ReBTx) aims in addressing the reconstruction of the bladder by using an innovative bottom-up approach, to recreate the physiology of the bladder tissue. In a first stage, a 3D network based on a functionalized hydrogel will be developed to allow the cellular growth and protrusion of blood vessels. Then, the optimized gel, with or without cells, will be incorporated within a porous collagen-based scaffold that will offer mechanical support and guidance for tissue regeneration. The ReBTx constructs will be tested in in vivo settings to properly evaluate the construct integration, recruitment of blood vessels and function acquisition. The transition from fundamental research (in vitro optimization) towards clinical application (in vivo) will render the possibility to address the complex mechanism involved in bladder regeneration.
The potential towards patenting and commercialization will be closely taken under consideration, due to the bench-to-bed side aspect of the ReBTx proposal and the intimate collaboration between several high ranked groups at Radboud University (NL) and entrepreneurial entities (NovioTech, BV and EMCM, BV, NL). Eventually, ReBTx could be implemented to significantly improve the patients’ quality of life.
The multi-facetted sides of the ReBTx approach enable the use and acquisition of an extensive knowledge and experience in tissue engineering concepts, equipping the applicant with solid managerial, social, and scientific skills that will pave the path towards the development of a scientific career. Even more, the use of a clinical setup will equip the candidate with practical and conceptual tools for translational aspects of tissue engineering.

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