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Autonomous Computational Game Designers - Transforming Exploration via Deep Learning, Novelty Search and Emotive Modelling


AutoGameDesign aims to answer whether autonomous creative systems are able to generate valuable, novel and surprising outcomes. AutoGameDesign explores how computational creators can be equipped with transformed exploratory creativity for the generation of novel and valuable outputs and how surprise can be modelled computationally, as well as drive the search for and evaluate creativity. Advanced machine learning methods are fused with computational predictors of emotive creativity yielding entirely new ways of searching within the creative search space. The computational creators’ output is evaluated within the domain of game design being among the most content-intensive and multifaceted domains of human creativity and, undoubtedly, the richest form of human-computer interaction. The project is built upon world-class expertise in computational creativity, artificial and computational intelligence, machine learning, affective computing and advanced game technology, ensuring the development of autonomous computational creators that will advance the measurable capability of computers to produce results that are self-assessed, and assessed by humans, as useful, original and surprising.

Call for proposal

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Tal Oroqq
2080 Msida
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 100 000
Administrative Contact
Mark Debono (Mr.)