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Integrated Optic Quantum Random Number Generators


"This project describes a 4-year program to facilitate a successful integration of Dr. Yeniay´s research in the optical based quantum random number generation field at the host organization, Quantum Cryptology Research Group of Turkish National Science and Technology Institute, located in Gebze, Turkey. With the advent of internet and high speed data networks, communication trust and security have become vital to sustain a reliable network platform. Quantum key distribution (QKD) systems, relying on fundamental nature of quantum physics, promise to offer practical networks with unbreakable security. Random number generators are key ingredients in such QKD systems as to enable secure one-time pad random key generations. Yet, currently available quantum random number generators (QRNGs) are based on free space single photon detection techniques with limited capability (e.g. rates at Mbps), especially for one-time pad applications. Recent research efforts work on potential concepts for developing fast QRNGs. The proposed project promises to enable such QRNGs with scalable, parallel, independent true random bit generations on a compact footprint. Dr. Yeniay´s knowledge and expertise on rare-earth doped optical amplifiers and integrated optics present an ideal opportunity to re-integrate his research to realize novel integrated optic fast QRNG module concepts based on tailoring of spontaneous emission of rare-earth doped waveguides and integrating with arrayed waveguide grating platform. The proposed QRNG concepts promise to offer much improved performance, satisfying one-time pad encryption rate requirements, i.e. from Gbps to sub Tbps, in QKD systems for potential unbreakable optical communication security. Besides QKD systems, such fast integrated optic QRNGs promise to address wide range of scientific and commercial applications that include real time data encryption, stochastics modelling, Monte Carlo simulations and security of cluster computing."

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Ataturk Bulvari 221
06100 Ankara
Activity type
Research Organisations
EU contribution
€ 100 000
Administrative Contact
Muhammet Ali Can (Dr.)