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Z-Coupled Full System for Attenuation of Vibrations


The aim of this project is to find and demonstrate an optimal system for minimizing the transmission of vibrations generated in the Counter Rotating Open Rotor to the fuselage. For this purpose all kinds of conventional –passive, dynamic, active and semiactive- solutions for reduction of vibrations will be considered for optimization. The hard constraints of space, temperature and low frecuency could spoil most of the well-known conventional approaches. However, in order to overcome these difficulties and to increase the efficiency of these “well-known” solutions the use of a new technology of Impedance coupling will be also explored. This exclusive and new technology has become available as a result of the FP7-Space MAGDRIVE project and provides a non-contact, reliable mechanism able to multiply the efficacy of any conventional element (passive dampers, tuned vibration absorbers, active actuators or semiactive devices) reducing the overall required mass and volume of the devices. It can also integrate any of the above cited other conventional elements in a compact built-in design. Thanks to the non-contact characteristic and using appropriate common materials, the Z-Damper is expected to work at a temperature up to 700ºC providing a protective “heat barrier” for the conventional element in addition to the “multiplier effect” on the efficacy.
MAG SOAR is a Small Technology-based Company incorporated as a spin-off of the above mentioned FP7-Space project MAGDRIVE. Its engineers have a recognised long expertise in Noise&vibrations projects –using all the existing known technologies, modelling, testing and instrumentation-. Additionally, MAG SOAR currently counts with aeronautical customers –i.e. Airbus Military- and is familiar with their procedures and standards. This, together with the simplicity of the consortium and the proved expertise in coordinating FP7 projects –including Clean Sky- makes MAG SOAR the perfect choice for this topic.

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JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky


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