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Intelligent Database Environment for Advanced Applications


The IDEA project aims to develop an industrial-strength deductive and object-oriented database (DOOD) system that supports various forms of intelligent functionality, broadly characterised within the three areas of user interaction, language expressivity and system organisation.

Examples of intelligent functionality in each of these areas include:

- explanation facilities, intentional answers and meta-level queries
- support for multiple-language paradigms, general integrity constraints, reactive processing and non-determinism
- system organisation features including parallelism, extensibility, run-time flexibility and the efficient support of derived data.

The main objectives are to:

- solve the research problems required in order to realise the intelligent functionalities outlined above and construct experimental research test-beds
- produce an industrial-strength prototype of a DOOD system built using existing software (stemming from previous projects involving the partners) and enhanced through technology transfer from the experimental test-beds
- demonstrate the practical relevance of the intelligent functionalities developed by using selected applications requiring different combinations of intelligent database behaviour.

Challenging pilot applications in modelling and reasoning on biochemical structures and managing system testing procedures have been selected.


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