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Intelligent Database Environment for Advanced Applications

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IDEA Web-Lab is a Web site for assisting users of the IDEA (Intelligent Database Environment for Advanced Applications) methodology. Web Lab is a set of Java tools that enables users to analyse, design and implement advanced database applications over the Internet. In addition to its specific value for the IDEA Methodology, Web-Lab represents an innovative perspective on the development of Web-enabled computer-assisted software engineering (CASE). %IDEA refers to a coherent body of concepts, languages and software tools for the design and development of applications requiring intelligent features. This body of features, referred to as the IDEA technology, was designed and implemented following a DOOD-based approach to achieve the smooth and efficient integration of object-orientation, active rules and deductive rules. The main outcome of the original IDEA project was the development of the IDEA methodology and tools. The IDEA Methodology addresses the analysis, design, prototyping and implementation of modern database systems applications. It takes advantage of approaches which have been developed in the context of database design, but also in the broader context of object-oriented software engineering. The distinguishing feature of the IDEA Methodology is the emphasis on both deductive rules and active rules, which significantly enriches the semantics supported within database applications. The Methodology is supported by a number of tools for analysis, design, prototyping and implementation, up to the phase of code generation for the Oracle Database Server.