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New aerospace advanced cost effective materials and rapid manufacturing technologies


Numerical models of individual materials and processes

This deliverable will be a technical report describing algorithms, numerical procedures and software modules developed/enhanced for the modelling of the materials (γ-TiAl) and general procedures of modelling RM and laser-assisted machining processes respectively.

RM Test Part

A test part will be defined containing typical features from all demonstrators. This will be used to assess the build strategies and parameter sets. Depends on D1.1.

End User requirements

This deliverable will be a report describing the KPIs covering technological/scientific as well as environmental and economic requirements contained in a KPI matrix

Final ethics report

Final ethics report

Report, gender policy and H&S

Report on the gender and diversity policy in the project, including actions to be taken taking ethical considerations into account, gender balance in project and methods taken to address any issue which arise.

Multi-scale models of the process chain

This deliverable will be a technical report describing algorithms, numerical procedures and software modules developed/enhanced for coupling and linking modelling at different length-scales and the general procedure of modelling the whole process chain.

Website available

A public website will be available with a document repository for partners. Basic project information will be included, to be expanded as the project progresses

Website fully updated

All the publishable work carried out during the project will be available on the website, including a description of all results.

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FRF Estimation through Sweep Milling Force Excitation (SMFE)

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Integrated, multidisciplinary approaches for micro-manufacturing research, and new opportunities and challenges to micro-manufacturing

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Optimum Selection of Variable Pitch for Chatter Suppression in Face Milling Operations

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Study of the Tuning of Variable Pitch Milling Cutters

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