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Chair/bedside diagnosis of oral and respiratory tract infections, and identification of antibiotic resistances for personalised monitoring and treatment


D10.1 Project website and intranet

The website will be open to public Type PUThe intranet will have restricted access allowed only to the consortium members Type COThe website will be continuously updated

D10.6 Two workshops organised at partners EMC, UZH and KI

The first workshop will be organised on month 18. The second workshop will be organised on month 36. One of the two will be organised by EMC, the other by UZH and KI. HSG will have active role to highlight the POC importance in diagnosis. SPA will be responsible for the communication/awareness of these workshops, invitations, web and flyers for advertising, etc.

D10.3 Communication materials

Establishment of communication material.

D10.7 Project-related video

Project-related video.

D9.2 Questionnaires from EMC and UZH(PPC) for clinician, GP, and dentist feedback

Coordination of this deliverable is by EMC, however both partners EMC and UZH(PPC) will form and deliver questionnaires: EMC for the clinicals and GPs; UZH(PPC) for the dentists.


Meeting report: The 12 th European oral microbiology workshop (EOMW) in Stockholm, Sweden

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C-reactive protein and interleukin 6 microfluidic immunoassays with on-chip pre-stored reagents and centrifugo-pneumatic liquid control

Author(s): Y. Zhao, G. Czilwik, V. Klein, K. Mitsakakis, R. Zengerle, N. Paust
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Why is scientific research on ‘data-poor’ microorganisms being ignored?

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Current problems associated with the microbiological point-of-care testing of respiratory tract infections in primary care

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Pre-implementation guidelines for infectious disease point-of-care testing in medical institutions

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Publisher: Future Medicine Ltd.
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