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Waste reduction and quality improvement of fruits and vegetables via an innovative and energy-efficient humidification/disinfection technology


Project webpage

Webpage showing all information related to the FRESH-DEMO project (e.g. objectives, results, the beneficiaries and the technological approach in general).

Project flyer, poster, banner

Different tools for mass dissemination such as project leaflet poster and banners containing information on the FRESHDEMO projects scope and objectives the list and contact details of participants a reference to the project website etc

Training courses material (including presentations, hand outs etc.)

Training material for the five one day training workshops

Promotion video

Professional promotion video about the project and the technology.

Report on demonstration workshops

Report on the one-day workshops, which take place alongside each industrial validation series.

List of established publications and newsletters

List of established publications (e.g. in relevant technical journals related to food equipment, food technology and fresh produce) and newsletters (e.g. of international and national fresh produce associations).

Report on cost benefit analysis

The report will cover the results of the cost benefit analysis for the humidification/disinfection systems, considering aspects such as energy consumption, transport intensity, discard reduction, product quality and human health.

List of attended and planned fairs, conferences

List of attended and planned fairs, conferences (including virtual tradeshows)

Report on training workshops

Report on the five one day training workshops. The workshops will focus on the training of all the project outcomes (cost-benefit analysis, user manuals, legal/technical requirements, etc.) and explain the operation of the system in detail. Additional focus is on creating networking between the FRESH-DEMO consortium members and the workshop participants, in order to collaborate in future.

Report on permissions and authorisations

Report on obtainance of any permissions and authorisations, which are necessary for the large-scale production, installation, and application of FRESH-DEMO systems and the natural sanitizers.

Report on hybrid-LCA

The report will cover the results of the hybrid life cycle assessment results, where environmental input-output life cycle assessment (EIO-LCA) will be integrated with results from process-based life cycle assessment (LCA).

User manual, second version

Updated version of the user manual.


Technology to reduce waste and improve quality of fruits and vegetables

Author(s): Markus von Bargen Marie Shrestha Sonja Guttmann
Published in: Chronica Horticulturae, Issue 4/16, 2016, Page(s) 14-16, ISSN 0578-039X
Publisher: Ttz Bremerhaven


Author(s): Markus von Bargen Marie Shrestha Sonja Guttmann
Published in: Proceeding cold chain management conference, 2016, Page(s) 115-121
Publisher: Ttz Bremerhaven

Assessing Environmental Impacts of using Humidification- Disinfection Technology in Food Supply

Author(s): Serena Fabbri
Published in: 2015, Page(s) 1-116
Publisher: Technical University of Denmark

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