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Computer simulations of electrically charged polymers


The proposal is directly related to the applicant's work at the Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany, conducted within the 5th Framework Program Research Training Network - HUSC - From Hard to Ultrasoft Colloids. All the experience as well as knowledge of the soft matter physics gained there will be transferred to his country of origin within the reintegration grant. The main objectives of the project are Monte Carlo computer simulation studies of the complex phenomena occurring i n systems of electrically charged polymers, counterions and salt ions. The calculations will be performed with respect to various conditions set by the actual values of free, variable simulation parameters. Furthermore, by changing the temperature, the effect of variation of the so-called interaction strength on the polyions conformational properties will be examined. Within the studies, both static and dynamic quantities characterizing polymer behaviour in thermodynamic equilibrium will be inspected including the mean radius of gyration, internal energy, correlation functions, diffusion coefficients and the like. Whenever possible, the obtained computational data will be compared to the existing theoretical predictions. In order to observe possible multi-molecular effects, systems consisting of single macromolecules and several ones will be dealt with. Since the simulations will be computationally demanding, the use of a cluster of two-processor computers running under the operating system of Linux is planned. The proposed project in a natural way follows the world's trends in soft matter physics and, as such, is going to improve EU scientific excellence as well as the attractiveness and competitiveness of the European Research Area. It will provide further insight into the complex and fascinating phenomena of polyelectrolytes under various conditions.

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ERG - Marie Curie actions-European Re-integration Grants


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