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Novel Integration of Powerplant System Equipment


Position Paper

This public document will explain from the participants point of view the impacts in terms of aircraft and engine performance, reliability and ease of maintenance, weight saving, etc. and their translation in economic performances – cost saving and competitiveness advantages.

Progress Report – First period reporting

This report will strictly follow the EC requirements for periodic reporting process. It will include activity (at WP and partner level) financial reporting as well as WP and project risk’s monitoring of the period M1-M18

NIPSE public web site

Public website describing the project and presenting results regularly updated throughout the project life

Conceptual design of Optimized HOR system

Linked to task 42

Ceramic development and results

Linked to task 4.5

Validation analysis and conclusions report for the DEVELOPMENT OF HOR

Linked to task 4.2

Innovative cooling technologies and options for NIPSE

Linked to task 2.1

Project Management Plan, Handbook on Management Procedures

This deliverable will encompass the methods, means and tools for the NIPSE consortium management It will complements other related documents (EC Grant Agreement and its annexes, the Consortium Agreement and the various EC guidelines), which, in case of conflict or uncertainty will prevail.

Cooling Technology Demonstrator requirements

Linked to task 23

Exploitation and development plans

This report will describe the plans of the participants to move the technology forward including next steps, key milestones and the corresponding investments vs. business perspectives


Definition of IPPS detailed specification and high level aircraft specification, together with a guideline for the evaluation criteria.

Test Results for Cooling Technology Demonstrator

Linked to task 25

Optimisation method development and application

Description of the developed optimisation methodology and of the subsequent optimisation runs that are performed Specifications and motivations of algorithms considered approach followed objectives and constraints taken into account and of the different evolutions of the considered equipment

Dissemination plan

Dissemination plan including the global dissemination strategy first actions and a project indicator to measure the dissemination actions being performed to be then updated every 6 months

Detailed technical notes of selected solutions in M21

Linked to task 43

Final workshop report

Technical workshop to present the main project results to the aeronautics industry, supply chain, stakeholders and academia

Cooling Technology Selection for NIPSE Demonstrator

Linked to task 22

Knowledge portfolio

List of relevant background and foreground from NIPSE. Updated and maintained all along the project life

Assessment of emerging technologies for use in harsh environment applications

Linked to task 41


Flat Cable Derating Tests and Thermal Modelling for Weight Reduction of Aircraft Engine Harness Designs (status: abstract submitted)

Author(s): Roel C. van Benthem, Edwin A. Bloem, Franck Albero, Laurent Azemard
Published in: 2018
Publisher: Advanced Aircraft Efficiency in a Global Air Transport System - AEGATS’18 Conference

Integrated equipment installation and optimisation for new engine architecture nacelles

Author(s): Wilhelmus J. Vankan, Robert Maas, Vincent Peyron
Published in: 2017, Page(s) 1-14
Publisher: 7th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences

A novel method for automated routing optimisation and equipment positioning in aero engine nacelles (status: abstract submitted)

Author(s): Wilhelmus J. Vankan, Robert Maas
Published in: 2018
Publisher: Advanced Aircraft Efficiency in a Global Air Transport System - AEGATS’18 Conference

High Temperature Fire and Overheat Sensor Elements for aircraft Fire and Overheat Detection System (FODS)

Published in: 2018
Publisher: Transport Research Arena

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