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Non-confidential project report for further public dissemination

This deliverable will consist in a report, non-confidential, with the outmost results of the project for public dissemination

Conclusions and recommendations report of which wagon components can be manufactured using composites

It will contain FRP properties and design considerations, as well as recommended joining techniques.

Electronic project brochure completed and available for distribution

This deliverable will describe the method and results of the electronic project brochure (in PDF format) at the beginning of the project. No problems or deviations expected, as it will be prepared with information already available in the proposal. The original brochure will be attached to report.

Final dissemination brochure completed and available for distribution

Electronic project Brochure (PDF) at the end of the project to present the results. In the event that any of the desired results are not achieved, the brochure will also be published containing the results successfully achieved. The original brochure will be attached to report.

Material design requirements for wagon components with AHSS

It will describe the mechanical requirements in different wagons components and the proper design procedures to get benefit from the high strength of AHSS in lightweight design.

Final recommendations for wagon and loading and unloading designs based on numerical simulation results

Based on the results obtained in numerical simulations, this deliverable presents the final recommendations on the project designs of wagon and loading and unloading facilities.

Validation of models

Validation of the numerical mode for flow behaviour is important for trusting the results from the model. It also gives a number of the accuracy of the numerical predictions

Operation model in real-time video

Report describing the method and results of the video walk-through, showing final loading and unloading operations. This deliverable depends on the achievement of many others, so the main difficulty will be displaying all this information in a condensed lapse of time. Moreover, including the numerical model cases developed within WP4 and all the studied cases into the video is challenging. However, even potential deviations might occur in this part of the animation, the timing of the process will be exact as it will be cargo volumes and movements of all the involved parts of the system. Therefore the resultant visualization will show an almost real scenario with an enormous utility for dissemination activities.

Characterisation of surface tension and friction coefficient of already existing paint products in the market

It will describe the test method and procedure used and it will present a list of the results of surface tension and friction coefficient values obtained in the tests carried out with commercial paints.

Communication Plan

This delivery will be updated every 6 months, it will list the communication actions foreseen for the 6 months period.

Conclusions and recommendation report of structural parts to be manufactured by AHSS

It will contain material selection and the recommended joining technologies. It will also describe the testing methodologies to get material certification from administration.

Website and intranet

This deliverable will describe the website created for HERMES and the intranet in which only partners of the project will have access. The platform for the website will be created by CTM. The website will be updated with significant developments during the project and the relevant non-confidential information and results will be made available on it. It will also have a private intranet that will be used for the management of the consortium (minutes, deliverables, etc.). The link to the website will be attached to the report.

Characterisation of the materials and calibration of the constitutive model

The first delivery gives the fundamental step to calibrate constitutive models for granular flow behaviour from characterisation data.

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Modelling and Characterisation of Granular Material Flow

Author(s): Simon Larsson
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