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Primary particulate matter (PM) consists of chemical components suspended in the atmosphere as aerosols, e.g. as a result of exhaust gaseous and friction processes (e.g. braking). Such particles may potentially contribute to smog events in urban areas and might be responsible of negative effects on the environment (e.g. acid rain acidification, toxic effects on plants and animals) and health (e.g. cancer, respiratory issues). The challenge is therefore to develop a new generation of transport technologies able to reduce the contribution of traffic related and total particulate matter, and, at the same time, to comply with future and stricter legislations on vehicles emissions and EU air quality.
The LOWBRASYS project aims at demonstrating a novel and low environmental impact brake system that will reduce micro and nanoparticles emissions by at least 50%. The measurement and understanding of micrometer-sized and ultrafine particles and their effects on health and the environment will be improved and whilst providing recommendations to policy makers. This goal will only be achievable by a systematic and structured approach focused by the LOWBRASYS Team on the following targets:
1. Novel materials formulations of the brakes pad and disc in order to reduce the total particle emissions and have a low-environmental impact.
2. Innovation of environmental friendly braking strategies (control systems) that reduce PM emissions.
3. Breakthrough technology for collection of particles near the PM source in order to further dramatically reduce PM emissions.
5. System integration of the novel pad, components and control systems in vehicles.
6. Improvement of the measurement techniques and understanding of the brake wear PM effects on health and the environment through state-of-the-art non-in-vivo techniques and related policy recommendations.

Recommendations to policy makers will also be provided by the Team given no current applicable legislation in Europe.

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