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Non-coding RNA in Vascular Ageing

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - NOVA (Non-coding RNA in Vascular Ageing)

Reporting period: 2018-04-01 to 2019-09-30

This project addresses the problem of increased cardiovascular disease with aging. With an increase in life expectancy, an increase in aging-associated diseases is a likely problem. Cardiovascular disease is the most prevalent disease in the elderly. To find novel therapies, we must better understand how aging affects the cardiovascular system. In this project we focus on understanding blood vessel aging. The novel approach is to study so-called non-coding RNAs. These are enigmatic molecules that are present in all cell types. Their contribution to aging is not known. We aim to understand which non-coding RNAs play a role in vascular aging. Then the objective is to unravel the exact mechanism by which these non-coding RNAs contribute to or inhibit vascular aging. Finally, we aim to develop therapeutic approaches to use these non-coding RNAs to combat cardiovascular disease.
We have identified several non-coding RNAs and RNA-binding proteins that control vascular aging. Currently we are in the process of understanding how these non-coding RNAs control vascular aging processes.
By the end of the project we will have a more complete understanding of how non-coding RNAs contribute to blood vessel function and how these can be exploited to increase healthy aging.