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Seeing Space: A Virtual Reality Lab for the study of visual spatial attention and eye movements


"Seeing Space" aims at establishing a Virtual Reality (VR) lab for the study of spatial perception. VR can offer the ideal platform for investigating spatial cognition, and equally understanding spatial cognition can give a valuable insight for successful applications of VR. The research objectives set in this proposal suggest a series of behavioural and EEG (electroencephalography) experiments related to eye movements and visual spatial attention in 3D space. The methodological approach will compare both conventional lab experimental setups (e.g. LED targets) and VR environments. The results will answer to fundamental questions related to space perception and will further provide the necessary link to the efficient use of realistic VR environments in the study of space perception and brain function.

The project aims at establishing active interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction between neuroscientists and engineers around the technology of VR. Moreover, the current proposal constitutes a natural continuation of the applicant's postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellowship in Collège de France, Paris. In this respect, this project not only supports the reintegration of the applicant back to her country of origin, but it further provides a stimulating research project for the development and further expansion of her research career. The I-Sense group, in the Electrical Engineering department, Athens, Greece, is the ideal host for the project. I-Sense has developed expertise and valuable experience in Virtual Rea lity applications, and they currently run a VR-lab with state-of-the-art software and hardware technology.

The proposal is characterised by novelty based on a robust scientific background and supported by well-matched research experience in different disciplines and research fields. The project has the potential to contribute to new and emerging areas of research, promote European research attractiveness and lead to innovative science and technology.

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