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Holistic Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex Construction and Demolition Waste

Resultado final

Conference: Advances in recycling and management of C&DW

Sumarising report about the first conference that focus just on C&DW recovering and recycling in Delft to be held in month 29.

Report on Strategy and proposal for measures to be undertaken towards Standardization and Certification

Strategy and proposals of new measures towards standardization and certification areas, on the basis of the gaps for unmet needs related to C&DW and to intermediate/finished recycled products developed within HISER, will be collected in this document

Report on Policy Recommendations

describing activities carried out in Task 6.1 and related conclusions

Scientific publications

in indexed journals, at least two by month 32 and other 3 by month 42

Project e-Newsletters

An e-newsletter will be released every six (6) months, reporting main achievements of the project during the period and addressing the most relevant activities for the next periods. Also forthcoming project events will be announced. A total of eight (8) Newsletters will be produced throughout the project

Project website active

including a project presentation (description, objectives, consortium, etc.), a news section, links, etc.

Final Conference brochure

announcing the event, providing an agenda, etc.

Project e-brochures

Three project brochures will be designed and made available on the website, namely at the beginning (m5), at midterm (m24) and by the end of the project (m46).


Recycling of End of Life Concrete Fines into Hardened Cement and Clean Sand

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Editor: Scientific Research Publishing Inc
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An experimental study on the relation between input variables and output quality of a new concrete recycling process

Autores: Somayeh Lotfi, Peter Rem, Jan Deja, Radosław Mróz
Publicado en: Construction and Building Materials, 137, 2017, Page(s) 128-140, ISSN 0950-0618
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Single-shot LIBS spectral quality for waste particles in open air

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Soluciones holísticas para la recuperación eficiente de materias primas a partir de RCD

Autores: Lisbona, Amaia
Publicado en: RETEMA, Special issue on recycling 2015., 2015, Page(s) 40-43
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DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.157180><imgsrc=

Uusia ratkaisuja rakennus- ja purkujätteen kierrätykseen

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New concepts for recycling of construction and demolition wood waste

Autores: Jetsu Petri; Wahlström, Margareta
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Editor: ForesTech

Feasibility of surface sampling in automated inspection of concrete aggregates during bulk transport on a conveyor

Autores: Bakker, M.C.M.; Di Maio, F.; Lotfi, S.; Bakker, M.; Hu, M.; Vahidi, A.
Publicado en: HISER International Conference. Delft, Netherlands, 1, 2017
Editor: TU Delft Library

Semi-selective demolition: current demolition practices in Flanders

Autores: Bergmans, Jef; Dierckx, Philippe; De Regel, Sofie; Vanden Eynde, Annelies; Van de Velde, Philippe; Broos, Kris
Publicado en: 1, 2017
Editor: TU Delft Library

Life cycle assessment and life cycle costing for demolition waste management

Autores: Hu, M.; Miranda-Xicotencat, B.; Ita-Nagy, D.; Prado, V.; Guinée, J.B.; van Roekel, E; Huismans, R.; Rens, F.; Lotfi, Somayeh; Di Maio, F.; Di Maio, F.; Lotfi, S.; Bakker, M.; Hu, M.; Vahidi, A.
Publicado en: HISER International Conference. Delft, Netherlands, 1, 2017
Editor: TU Delft Library


Autores: Bru , Kathy; Touzé , Solène; Parvaz , Dan
Publicado en: HISER International Conference - Advances in Recycling and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste, 1, 2017
Editor: TU Delft Library

Closing the loop of EOL concrete

Autores: Lotfi, Somayeh; Rem, P.C.; Di Maio, F.; Teklay, Abraham; Hu, M.; van Roekel, E; van der Stelt, H; Di Maio, F.; Lotfi, S.; Bakker, M.; Hu, M.; Vahidi, A.
Publicado en: HISER International Conference, 1, 2017
Editor: TU Delft Library

The influence of parent concrete and milling intensity on the properties of recycled aggregates

Autores: Lotfi, Somayeh; Rem, P.C.; Deja, J; Mroz, R; Di Maio, F.; Lotfi, S.; Bakker, M.; Hu, M.; Vahidi, A.
Publicado en: HISER International Conference. Delft, Netherlands, 1, 2017
Editor: TU Delft Library

An experimental study on the recovery of the hardened cement from crushed end of life concrete

Autores: Lotfi, S.; Rem, P.C.
Publicado en: EMABM 2015: Proceedings of the 15th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials, Delft, The Netherlands, 17-19 June 2015, 1, 2015
Editor: TU Delft Library

On the homogeneity of a thick layer of mixed granules in optical quality inspection

Autores: Bakker, M.C.M.; Xia, H.
Publicado en: 3rd Symposium on Urban Mining and Circular Economy. Old Monastery of St. Augustine, Bergamo, Italy, 1, 2017
Editor: TU Delft Library

C2CA Concrete Recycling Process: From Development To Demonstration

Autores: Lotfi, Somayeh
Publicado en: 1, 2016
Editor: TU Delft Library