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ehcoBUTLER. A global ecosystem for the independent and healty living of elder people with mild cognitive impairments.


The ehcoBUTLER Idea:
Nowadays, it is a fact that Europe is ageing. A common characteristic of elders is the frequent occurrence of either physical or mild cognitive impairments. This situation brings new challenges in how to improve the independence and quality of life of elderly people and promote their good health in different ways. The ehcoBUTLER project addresses this challenge by developing an ICT technological platform with both leisure and care apps. The main objective of ehcoBUTLER is to demonstrate the socio-economic benefits from the deployment of several innovative and user led ICT pilot projects based on different business models in order to be able to translate promising results into scalable practice across Europe.

How the objectives will be achieved:
The ehcoBUTLER Consortium is composed by a multidisciplinary combination of specialist partners on their areas and responsibilities, in order to satisfy the requirements emerging from the EU Call and the particular PHC-20 topic. With this consortium we expect to contribute to break the technological barrier that exists nowadays between the elderly and the ICTs, encouraging the e-Inclusion, to facilitate psychological and cognitive techniques and support procedures, both for the elderly people and for the informal and formal caregivers, to develop an interoperable and open ICT platform particularly designed and adapted to elderly people, to demonstrate the ROI from several four business models based on the deployment of this ICT platform and to generate an ecosystem for apps provider that will allow end users to integrate all the leisure and care related activities in just one platform. To ensure that the platform can be scaled to an operational deployment in the European Market we will deploy ehcoBUTLER in 5 countries and 7 pilot sites to reach the higher number of users and to test the suitability of ehcoBUTLER in different but related business cases.

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