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Innovative peptides against cancer and pathogenic bacteria, with advances in science, biopharmaceutical drug development, product market targeting, training , and communication.


Outreaching Outputs

During the four years of INPACT we aim to achieve regular non-specialised press news by participating in the Researchers’ Nights, World Cancer Day, and the European Antibiotic Awareness Day. Technological achievements will be announced by joint international press releases; our goal is to have at least five different national news disseminated in the countries directly involved in the creation of those technologies during the course of INPACT. Open days will occur in each of the participating institutions and aim at having at least 60 visitors from general public, including students and patient association affiliates, five journalists, and two politicians with power to make decisions. We anticipate that members in INPACT team will be invited to participate into four, or more, public initiatives per year organized by third parties’.


New technologies to be adopted by the partner SMEs or to be sold to third parties. The quantitative goal is to generate two drug leads to treat each of the following conditions: brain tumour, blood tumour and metastatic circulating cells, and MRSA infection. Inherent to the previous deliverable, new Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will be built from existing IPR of the partners.

Dissemination Outputs

We expect to file at least three patents to protect new technologies. The patents are, by themselves, vehicles of dissemination but INPACT will also have R&D papers as deliverables. Our aim is to have at least six papers published in high-quality (Quartile 1 in impact factor ranking) international journals. We also aim at having three seminars and/or satellite meetings organized in the context of large-scale scientific meetings (>500 participants) and at presenting the results obtained within INPACT project in at least eight international conferences.

Training and career development

Training activities in INPACT will provide both intersectoral and international training, namely, i) Experience in working in non-academic environments (>4 months: training will be given by CEAMED, TCP, PTD or ICH to at least five PhD students) and ii) Experience in working with distinct cultural environment (>3 months in a foreign country to at least 10 ESRs). Additional information in Table 3 - Secondments description.

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