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Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Post-production Workflows


Publishable report

A report highlighting the main activities and progress achieved since the beginning of the project. This deliverable will contain a position paper in order to promote the visibility of the project and catalyse demand in a challenging market.

Report on users’ evaluation

Report summarizing the results of the users’ evaluations.

Initial dissemination and IPR management plan

This will contain the initial Plan for Dissemination and Use of Knowledge, and the Data Management Plan

Use case definitions

A document containing a description of the most important use cases which will be targeted.

Dissemination workshop

presenting the project results to creative professionals and research communities in the film, broadcast, and advertisement sectors. This event is expected to take place in conjunction with an industry international event

Data management plan

A report on AutoPost’s management of the data generated and/or collected in the project.

Project website

a multimedia public website, with news and downloadable public deliverables, publications, video demonstrators and links to partner sites. There will also be a ‘members only’ project archive and communications area.

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