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The International Year of Light in Europe 2015


Photonics Flagship at CLEO Europe-EQEC Conference

Photonics Flagship at CLEO EuropeEQEC Conference

LIGHT2015 photonics outreach content transferred to global IYL2015
Training Materials, (social) media

Training Materials social media

Questionnaires of KPIs for videos
Video developed by NUI to introduce Lighting the Future and The power of Photonics
Questionnaires of KPIs IYL2015
Confirmation of national members that will lead the local implementation
10000 smartphone addons

10000 smartphone addons will be distributed and we anticipate around 15000 participants including friends family that will be directly involved in the scientific practice to learn about light in general optical phenomena in the atmosphere and in light sources and the photonics technology inside their smartphones

Photonics Flagship at IYL2015 Opening Ceremony

Photonics Flagship at IYL2015 Opening Ceremony The IYL2015 Opening Ceremony will be held at UNESCO HQ on 1920 January 2015 and around 1500 participants are expected

Distribution to participants

Distribution to participantsThe 10000 addons will be distributed for a widespread citizen experiment anticipating 15000 participants

Implementation of the events
Established Communication Channels with global IYL2015 programme
Machine-readable version of real-time data from measurement days

Machinereadable version of realtime data from measurement days

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