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LearnIng from Failure in a collaborative Entrepreneurship network


D3.3 - Report on Collaborative Activities

This report compiles all activities performed in the scope of WP3.

D1.3 - Final Report

Final report and complete wrap-up of the projects including a critical assessment of the project’s achievements.

D3.2 - Second Action Plan

This report presents the detailed planning of the activities of the second iteration, including best practices and events.

D5.2 - Final Evaluation Report

The report will compile all findings of both iterations and provide recommendations for improvements.

D2.2 - Final Report on Collaborative Learning

The final report on collaborative learning will compile all findings and recommendations from the discussions of partners during the whole project.

D6.2 - Project White Paper

The public presentation of the project. Note that this is but one among several documents that will support dissemination and networking. The Project White Paper is directed much more towards interested parties, in particular, of course, potential investors, presenting the project and some of the promising business cases.

D6.3 - Dissemination Documentation

A lot of dissemination material will be produced during the project for promoting start-ups, attracting investors, presenting the project to other interested parties, and for scientific dissemination. This document will compile all activities, material that was used, publications, events, etc.

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