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Large area transparent thin film thermoelectric devices for smart window and flexible applications


Report with Intermediate results on public dissemination

The complete public dissemination activities will be here reported.

Report on the performance of the fabricated sensing array with a scalable study

Once an optimal and scalable fabrication of the sensor is achieved, the performance is determined. The goal is to determine the key performance indicators of the sensor such as resolution, sensitivity, stability and noise level.

Report on the Substrate influence on temperature sensors array performance

The report will determine which substrate materials are suitable for the flexible sensor array. The thermophysical and chemical properties of the substrate are expected to play a crucial role in the selection of optimal substrate for the sensor performance.

Project Fact Sheet

The project fact sheet and project presentation will be delivered.

Report on the Band structures, Electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficients and ZT

The band structures of the relevant TE materials will be provided by the Abinit code and the electrical properties will be deduced with the Bolztrap code. The effect of doping on ZT will be emphasized.

Report on the durability and reproducibility of the TE-TF

In order to assess the behavior of the TE-TF over time, their durability and reproducibility will be evaluated from time to time, measuring the performances of the films through time and repeating working cycles.

Report on deposition temperature influence on temperature sensors array performance

The report will discuss the optimal deposition temperature for the functional material of the sensor array as the film properties are highly dependent on the deposition temperature.

Comparison between the TE properties of films deposited by sputtering/thermal evaporation and by ALD

Since the TE-TF will be deposited through different techniques, it is important to understand the influence of the deposition system on the TE properties and compare them. The goal is to have TE-TF deposited by ALD with the same (or better) properties then deposited by sputtering or thermal evaporation

Activity report on publications and presentations (public data available online)

All publications and presentation from the partners will be reported on the project website. Their status will be public or confidential depending on the partners wish.

Report on the Thermal conductivity of Bulk and nanograin films

The interatomic potentials will be defined to compute the thermal conductivity of relevant TE materials by using the conventional equilibrium and non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics techniques. The effect of doping on thermal conductivity will be highlighted.

Study a scalable fabrication of the substrate material combination including interfaces, contacting and wiring

The study realizes a route how the sensor array may be fabricated at large scale. Materials and methods will be determined for fabrication of the sensor array and a way to connect it electrically with electronics.

Report on small area TE-TF devices with optimized properties for energy harvesting and thermal control

Small area TE-TF devices will be fabricated in order to demonstrate their behavior for energy harvesting and thermal control

Report on the optimized deposition processes together with the post deposition treatments

At this point, the deposition processes have been optimized and the influence of the deposition and post deposition parameters on the TE properties and substrate adhesion have been understood and will be reported

Comparison between the TE properties of the deposited TF and the simulations results.

At this point the TE TF have been optimized to have a ZT up to 0.5 at room temperature and their properties will be compared to the ones simulated based on materials theory.

Open access data

This deliverable will report the activity related with dissemination of project giving open access to all public results

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