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Large scale micro-and nanofabrication technologies for bioanalytical devices based on R2R imprinting


Roll-to-roll pilot imprinting of DEM2

Roll-to-roll Pilot imprinting of Neuron drug-screening devices DEM2 (100 m² of foil)

Roll-to-roll pilot imprinting of DEM1

Roll-to-roll Pilot imprinting of Point of care diagnostic devices DEM1 (100 m² of foil)

Fully functional DEM2 test chips from batch based backend processes

Fully functional Demonstrator 2 Test Chips. Backend processing is still done in Batch.

DEM1 with R2R top & bottom foil with batch based backend processing

DEM1 chips with R2R top and bottom foil. Backend processing is still performed in Batch.

DEM1 chips with optical nano-struct.

DEM1 chips with improved optical collection efficiency (imprinted optical micro/nanostructures)

Fully functional DEM1 test-chips MRSA from batch based backend processing

Fully functional DEM1 chips for MRSA detection assembled of R2R fabricated components. Backend processing is still performed in Batch.

DEM2 chips with radial design (Gen.2)

Demonstrator 2 Chips based on radial design (according to Gen .2)

Roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing line

Operational ready roll-to-roll Pilot manufacturing line



Author(s): P. Toren, M. Rumpler, M. Smolka, A. Haase, S. Ruttloff, D. Nees, B. Stadlober, I. Katzmayr, B. Hierschlager, S. Kierstein, M. Sonnleitner, G. Bared, M. Horn, W. Weigel, J. Hesse
Published in: European Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, 2019, ISSN 2537-4346
Publisher: Str. Prof.dr.doc. D. Mangeron

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