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Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures



Conceptual and functional design and architecture of impact and vulnerability analysis. Conceptual design of IVA methods, specification of the model-driven architecture of the IVAVIA tool suite and software use cases for the IVAVIA process.

Policy guideline

Policy guideline for the implementation of adaptation options: guideline proposing a standard approach to the design of implementation strategies for climate adaptation at the city level, according to legal, technical, financial and governance implications. (Tecnalia, TNO, Fraunhofer, EIVP, NEN, Bratislava - M40)

Coping with uncertainty

Guidelines for decision makers to develop robust and resilient adaptation plans.

District Financial Metabolism Dashboard

Area Snapshots that display the financial metabolism of adaptation areas leading to a generic methodology to harvest optimization potential of combining financial flows within the area.

2-tier webinars

4 ‘2-tier webinars’: These webinars will connect the core cities to their tier-2 circle of learning to further share results and encourage exchange. The timing of the webinars will be aligned with the completion of the deliverables in WP 2, 3 and 6. [M30-M32]

WP1 final report

WP1 final report condensing key outputs and recommendations.

Policy briefs

Two policy briefs will be drafted by ICLEI with the support of the relevant partners. [M24, M38]

Project glossary

RESIN project glossary (UNIMAN, TNO, EIVP, Fraunhofer, Tecnalia)

Use case realisation IVAVIA

Report on the use case realisation for the IVAVIA tool, including feeding data and scenario story line information from one or more suitable use cases into the IVAVIA tool and performing functional tests of IVAVIA tool (Report, Software, Other).

Standardisation options

Study report on standardisation options of impact and vulnerability analysis of vital infrastructures and built-up areas. This report will be integrated in D5.1. As requested in the first periodic review we will pay attention to the assessment of existing legal requirements in Member states which could potentially act as barriers for a widespread application of the RESIN toolbox.

Guidance document

Guidance document on the use of the products and tools in disaster risk reduction and adaptation: ICLEI shall draft a guiding document on the use of the RESIN tools in cities in combination with an adaptation and infrastructure protection strategy. This document will present a step-by-step approach on how to integrate the tools and products into urban planning using the IMS. In addition it will support future use and spread of the tools

Framework APP

Framework for adaptation planning process (M12) Generic/ description of planning process with entry points for Decisions Support Tools.

City assessment report

A city assessment report will be compiled by ICLEI. Cities and their local research partners will be responsible for providing data on the state of the art of their resilience building activities, management processes and governance structures with regard to key infrastructure stakeholders. The report will present single in-depth city assessments that will inform the assignment of each of the cities to the different products and tools to be tested.

Urban typology

Report on the development, application and value of the city typology (UNIMAN, TNO).

Test & assessment IVAVIA

Testing and validating IVAVIA in the covered use cases. Elaboration of a test methodology. Compiled feedback and assessments of end users. Conclusions and further recommendations. (Report, Other)

Certification study

A report of the partners’ general study of certification in assessment procedures and specifically on the feasibility of certification for climate resilient cities and infrastructures.

City report testing

City report on tested tools and products: At the end of the testing phase, the core cities, supported by their local research partners, will compile a report that will consolidate their experiences and provide TECNALIA, Fraunhofer and TNO with input for the finalisation of the tools and products (M32).

Reviews concepts and approaches

Six ‘state-of-the-art’ reviews of concepts and approaches linked to the RESIN project’s objectives. Each review will follow a common structure. (UNIMAN, TNO, EIVP, Fraunhofer, Tecnalia)

Integrated Planning Challenge methodology

Roadmaps towards Integrated Planning, produced in the two case cities and a validated framework for integrated planning.

Actor Analysis

Tooling to support interdependency analysis and to identify stakeholder interests for climate change adaptation planning and action.


Methodological toolset including standard tools to assess the performance and impacts of adaptation options; with prioritizing methods for adaptation approaches. This toolset will be included in the RESIN e-Guide. (Tecnalia, TNO, Fraunhofer, ITTI, NEN, BC3, UNIMAN - M32)

Realisation & implementation IVAVIA

Realisation and implementation of the IVAVIA tool based on the design in D2.1 (Report, Software).

Conceptual framework

Report on the RESIN research conceptual framework. (UNIMAN, TNO)

Standardising methods study

A report of the partners’ general study related to task 5.1 and 5.3 of standardizing methods in assessment procedures and specifically on the feasibility of standardizing methods for climate resilient cities and infrastructures.

Library structure on line

3.1.1. Relational database structure and data entry forms for the effective collection of adaptation options. (Tecnalia, TNO, ITTI, Arcadis)


A project website will be created to present the project and its findings and give exposure to the core cities.


Initial version of RESIN Guide with models and tools as provide by other WP’s for testing and experimenting with end-users (WP4)

Decision support tools

Overview of ‘state of the art’ Decision Support Tools in support of long term climate change adaptation planning.

eGuide (final)

Final version of RESIN Guide with additional models and tools and modified based on feedback from end-users.

Completed library of adaptation options

3.1.3. Inventory of standard(-ised) adaptation measures: library/catalogue of fully characterized adaptation measures currently including standard performance values. (Tecnalia, TNO, Fraunhofer, EIVP, Arcadis, BC3, UNIMAN)

Knowledge transfer workshops

One workshop per core city will be organised in close cooperation with the core cities to kick-off the 2-tier group engagement. Financing to attend the workshop will be provided for one city representative from each 2-tier city. The core cities will be required to ensure the participation of crucial local infrastructure stakeholders.

Final conference

A final conference presenting the results of the project will be organised as part of one or more renowned and well-established adaptation and resilience events.

Stakeholder dialogues

3 2 Stakeholder Dialogues: The aim of the dialogues is to disseminate the project (interim) results. To this end, a selected target audience composed of cities, local private adaptation stakeholders (utilities, businesses, industry, etc.) will be invited to participate. The attendance of two representatives from each tier-2 city will be financed by the project consortium. Invited to these Stakeholder Dialogues will be rather targeted actors that can act as multipliers in disseminating the project results. [M20-M24/ M32]


Climate Risk Assessment under Uncertainty: An Application to Main European Coastal Cities

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“A climate risk typology of Europe’s NUTS3 regions”

Author(s): Jeremy Carter et al.
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“Towards successful adaptation: a checklist for the development of climate change adapta-tion plans” (Working Paper No. 2017/01)

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Assessment of Climate Change-Related Risks and Vulnerabilities in Cities and Urban Envi-ronments, Interoperability for Crisis Management: Increasing Resilience of Smart Cities

Author(s): Jingquan Xie, Manfred Bogen, Daniel Lückerath, Erich Rome, Betim Sojeva, Oliver Ullrich, Rainer Worst
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Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change Related Events on Public Transit Net-works

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IVA-VIA: Impact and Vulnerability Analysis of Vital Infrastructures and Built-Up Areas

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Risk-based analysis of the vulnerability of urban infrastructure to the consequences of cli-mate change

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Published in: 2018, ISBN 978-3-030-00023-3
Publisher: Springer

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