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Proposal for a Horizon 2020 Design Study on the “European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications“ (EuPRAXIA)


Final report on the governance model

Final report on the governance model. (Task 1.4)

Control command design system

Control Command system design (Task 4.4)

Report defining preliminary study concept

Report defining preliminary study concept, layout and parameters: This report defines a baseline for studies across the various work packages. The common baseline assures that studies are consistent and based on the same assumptions.

Final requirements of the laser system

Final requirements of the laser system (Task 4.1)

Report on state-of-the-art short period undulators

Report on state-of-the-art short period undulators as a basis for the study of the FEL cases

Outreach activities

Report on outreach activities within the project incl. school visits, outreach videos on R&D, contributions to outreach events, etc.

Benchmarking of existing technology and comparison with the requirements

Survey and benchmarking of existing technology and comparison with the requirements (task 4.2)

Final quality assurance plan

Final quality assurance plan: Specifying the definitions and standards used in the project. Describing the guidelines for preparing consistent reports and design estimates in the study. (Task 1.3)

Report on optimal beam handling

It is also necessary to match and diagnose the electron beam in order to deliver high brightness electron beams, with given optical functions (i.e. emittance, Twiss functions) to the plasma channel. The optics of the transfer lines with their performance will be given. Explanations about the made choices will be exposed.

Design report photo-injector

The goal of the simulation campaign is the definition of the best properties of the injected bunch, i.e. charge, separation, bunch length, in order to achieve the best final brightness. Simulations will allow completing the design report for the most suitable RF photo-injector for LWFA scheme, in order to accomplish the most stable and performing acceleration regime and to define the accelerator working point. The main characteristics of the photo-injector will be detailed (i.e. laser characteristics, photocathode, cavities, emittance compensation schemes) and tools for the diagnostics of the required electron beam parameters will be defined.

Final report on the comparative site study

Final report on the comparative site study. (Task 1.4)

Final tolerance analysis

Final tolerance analysis (Tasks 2.3 and 2.4)

Application survey assessment

Application survey and basic feasibility assessment report Based on the collected information and the baseline design of the facility the best match between facility offer and user demand will made.

Final report defining the concept, layout and detailed project parameters

Final report defining the concept, layout and detailed project parameters: This is the numerical result of the design study and is the common basis for the conceptual design report. (Task 1.2)

Specific magnetic elements

Report on specific magnetic elements

FEL Scientific user workshop

Scientific user workshop

Report defining baseline design

Baseline design report including geometric interfaces between laser beam optics, electron beam optics, plasma modules and beam transport to FEL and HEP beam areas. (Task 2.2)

Models, scaling laxs Plasma FEL dynamics

Report on models and scaling laws for Plasma FEL dynamics including comparison with GENESIS simulations

Diagnostic requirements and technical approaches

Report on particular diagnostics requirements and technical approaches

Baseline design HEP user area

Baseline design (beamline and experimental area) The main technical choices for implementing a versatile user area for particle beam application will be out-lined. A limited number of variants will be described. The steps towards proof of feasibility will be identified.

Conceptual design report for EuPRAXIA

Full conceptual design report for EuPRAXIA. This is also the final report of the project, summarizing the work and achievements done over the full project duration. A public version of the report will be made available online. (all tasks)

User mini-workshop

User application survey mini-workshop A one or two day mini-workshop in a central location for identified potential users will be organised at an early stage in order to collect technical information necessary for the design study and add to international visibility of the future facility.

Kick-off meeting

Project is set up, web site is published: (Task 1.1) [month 1]

Project final brochure

Project final brochure for dissemination of R&D results

Project leaflet

Project leaflet for distribution internationally

Project initial brochure

Project initial brochure for presentation of research background and project goals

Outreach symposium

Project outreach symposium; international dissemination of published scientific papers and journal articles throughout the lifetime of the project

Project web site

set up a project web site

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EUPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB: Beam dynamics studies for the X-band Linac

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Comparisons of time explicit hybrid kinetic-fluid code Architect for Plasma Wakefield Acceleration with a full PIC code

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Laser-driven high-quality positron sources as possible injectors for plasma-based accelerators

Author(s): Alejo, Aaron; Walczak, Roman; Sarri, Gianluca
Published in: Issue 3, 2018