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TheMotion: Revolution in Motion

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - THEMOTION (TheMotion: Revolution in Motion)

Reporting period: 2015-03-01 to 2015-08-31

e-Traction, a highly innovative company specialized in energy efficient electric powertrain technology, is developing an in-wheel direct-drive electric powertrain solution, first for city buses and heavy-duty trucks, which is called TheMotion. By creating the most energy efficient electric powertrain solution, environmental impact, energy consumption and Total Cost of Ownership are lowered substantially. The main objective of the feasibility study was to assess the technical and commercial feasibility and produce a business plan for TheMotion. Phase 1 objectives were:
• Provide a more detailed strategic overview of the European as well as the world market, the competitive environment and the main stakeholders.
• Provide in-depth and detailed market drivers, restraints and opportunities.
• Provide more detailed forecasts for the market.
• Provide an actionable set of recommendations for market entry and growth.
• Provide insight on (future) technology requirements determining the growth of the market.
• Assess the technical capacity of the system and related technologies.
• Provide a project implementation plan for Phases 2 and 3.
These objectives have been addressed by multiple activities, amongst which:
• Identification and definition of the future market for e-mobility technology (electric vehicles) in general, and for electric buses and medium- and heavy-duty trucks specifically.
• Development of a detailed market approach, in close cooperation with the main stakeholders. This includes further identification of the most promising countries to target for market entry.
• Benchmark study on e-Traction’s competitors.
• Providing further evidence supporting e-Traction’s superior technology.
• Assessment of the technical capacity of e-Traction’s system and related technologies.
• Further development of the operational capacity of e-Traction.
• Further establishing e-Traction’s status as a highly innovative, international leading company at the Dutch government.
• Development of the project implementation plan.
The results of these actions are a set of recommendations with the main conclusion to continue the project at the highest possible speed. There is a strong belief in the technical, environmental, ecological and commercial added value and potential of TheMotion. Current market circumstances call for immediate action, in order to be able to establish a strong, first-entry market position in the EU as well as in the world market. e-Traction will submit an application for Phase 2.