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Amorphous Speculative Compression

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ASC (Amorphous Speculative Compression)

Reporting period: 2015-03-01 to 2015-08-31

During the time of project execution the main objectives, that were pursued and also achieved were:
IP protection analysis and plan
Business model analysis and creation
Analyzing the use on industrial microcontrollers, expanded to use on CPU's , GPU's and APU's.
Sample demonstration and analysis tools, to validate feasibility of technology sub-segments and for presentation needs
Team building – individuals, necessary for initial work (feasibility studies) found as well as part of the programmers team for Part 2
IP protection analysis – many IP protection types analyzed, results used for other strategic decisions
Simulation tools – older (Arctic) simulation tools acquired and transformed for the new use. New tools developed to test and simulate the following aspects: Full and accelerated in-line anchor detection, in-line and spacial pattern detection, statistical representation of graphics, inherent frame similarity utilization
Business model analysis – different business models analyzed, business path chosen and taken
CPU performance needs analysis – several scenarios for different sensor geometries and processor architectures
Space mission analysis – several target markets identified, including possible future projects and partners and risks involved with individual markets
Partner relations – partners identified, communications established, some agreements already signed, some in preparation
Business tools preparation – roadmaps, business strategies and plans prepared and already being followed

Coaching is not finished yet. Therefore it was not possible to rate the coaching activity. The actual rating will be done later.
Strategic partnership with one of the major players in CPU industry, providing access to the widest market, co-financing for the phase 2 and help with IP protection
Shared IP protection with strategic partner, providing ability to simultaneously protect IP worldwide
Business strategy and plan, providing better insight into business related matters, clearer future path and a business presentation tool in communication with the partners
Video snapshot example
Partial technology validator example