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Geometric Reconstruction And noVel semantIc reunificaTion of culturAl heriTage objEcts


Shape analysis and matching toolkits

Based on the roadmap D3.3, we start producing the software tools to compute the chosen scala of shape features, and the corresponding matching tools and in the metadata. This will be done in an order that permits the functionality of the GRAVITATE platform to grow in a balanced manner. Deliverables of this task T3.5 will continue till the end of the project. Novel elements will be publicized at appropriate forums (see WP7). Some shape features will be so obviously needed that their implementation can start early.

GRAVITATE Demonstrator

Based on the final GRAVITATE Platform, delivered in D5.4, and the complete resources documented in D6.5, an updated public demonstrator will be released showing the complete project results using the Salamis use case.


This is a software deliverable. The final version of deployed GRAVITATE platform with all components including the user interface and data visualisation components integrated and working. This version of the software will be used in pilots for end user evaluation. The software will be accompanied with a short document describing its functionality, installation and usage.

GRAVITATE Dashboard Components

Software deliverable, containing the revisions and/or completion of the GRAVITATE dashboard.

Provision of enriched metadata descriptions

In tandem with D5.5, and as a result of T6.1 and the new activity in T6.2, descriptions of all artifacts that have been the subject of existing collaborative study will be provided according to the GRAVITATE metadata model, enriched to describe their morphology, materials, etc.

Report on Shape Analysis and matching and Semantic matching

Report on existing shape analysis and matching algorithms and on existing semantic matching algorithms and their relevance and relationships to the ReAssembly, ReUnification and ReAssociation functionalities in GRAVITATE. These will be presented with respect to the user requirements uncovered in T2.2 and T2.3.

End User evaluation report

Report on final demonstrator end user evaluation will be reported here. This works in coordination in with the software release tasks in WP4 and WP5.

Final Report on Use Case Resources

The final report on the collection and enrichment activities will catalogue the complete metadata models and 3D scans for the use case.

GRAVITATE metadata model

Final version of the GRAVITATE metadata model. This will include a detailed descriptions made on top of CIDOC-CRM to facilitate hybrid searching (reassembly and reunification using semantic and geometric mapping techniques), and the corresponding ontologies. This full model will also include all the rules and axiomatic information which will allow semantic reasoners to perform automatic classification over CH collections.

Report on existing 3D scans and metadata

This report will catalogue all artifacts scanned to date and document the current level of metadata description (morphology, materials, etc.).

Report on metadata shape models

Technical report specifying how the finally implemented shape descriptors of GRAVITATE are tied into the metadata format of CIDOC-CRM.

Workflow Guidelines

Based on Functional Specification and Architecture Design of the GRAVITATE Platform document (D5.1), a guidelines document for workflows will be written. The document will be revised when the final specification is delivered (D5.2).

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