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Deusto International Research School

Project description

Creative ecosystem for international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral PhD research training

The Deusto International Research School (DIRS) attracts exceptional early-stage researchers (ESRs) for top-quality PhD training. The MSCA-funded DIRS project aims to help the school enhance research, cultivate transferable expertise, and increase the international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility of researchers. Sixteen ESRs have joined an attractive, highly internationalised, interdisciplinary and intersectoral research-training ecosystem that encourages and enables cooperation, co-creation and collegiality. This ecosystem encompasses 7 doctoral programmes and 24 research units around 4 research foci aligned with challenges identified by the EU and the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategies: Health and Wellbeing; Human Rights, Peace and Conflict Resolution; Sustainable Development and Innovation; and Lifelong Learning. Moreover, the academic and non-academic partner institutions are offering hosting and secondment opportunities, and training in research and T-shaped skills.


With a proven track in PhD training (more than 1000 PhD in 50 years, 58 in 2013) the Deusto International Research School (DIRS) aims at attracting qualified international Early Stage Researchers for high quality PhD training that enhance research, complementary and transferable skills.
DIRS aims are grounded in a solid structure generated around a robust and dynamic ecosystem that encourages and enables cooperation, co-creation and collegiality among 7 doctoral programmes and 24 research groups around four research foci centred on challenges identified in the EU and the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategies: i) Health and Wellbeing, ii) Human Rights, Peace and Conflict Resolution, iii) Sustainable Development and Innovation and iv) Lifelong Learning.
UDEUSTO has actively and creatively procured conditions conducive to frequent dialogues between economic, cultural and social actors whose cooperation and exchanges help realise DIRS aims. These dialogues will ensure international and intersectoral mobility, including placements/internships to broaden ESR career employability tracks; cross-fertilisation of ideas and ideation of solutions to societal challenges fuelled by shared concerns and funding. 40 partners formally back DIRS project.
16 MSC PhD candidates will be selected via an open, transparent, merit-based, impartial, equitable and internationally advertised process that will take special care to avoid any form of discrimination. Upon acceptance, PhD candidates will sign an employment contract and will be hosted in an attractive environment to benefit from a shared supervision and mentoring process formally inscribed in the Doctoral Agreement and the individualized research/training development plan (Personal Career Development Plan).
Full internationalisation is an essential aspect of DIRS. The COFUND scheme will strengthen the European and International dimensions of the project by consolidating the current rate of ESR (31,25% of PhD students in 2013/2014)


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€ 1 255 680,00
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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