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FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - FREEWAY (FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment)

Reporting period: 2016-09-01 to 2017-11-30

It is not a bike, it is not a scooter, it is a lot better, it's FREEWAY : a new revolutionary means of transportation allowing to safely and effortlessly commute in an urban environment.
Protected by a worldwide patent, FREEWAY is a small and clean scooter, on three wheels.

FREEWAY is unique since it is very light, 14kg, with 2 front wheels for stability and safety, a back wheel that includes the electric engine, and it is fitted with latest generation batteries. FREEWAY may be folded and unfolded within seconds. When folded, it can be carried along, on its two front wheels like a suitcase.
Therefore, FREEWAY may be kept with you at all time and is perfectly suitable for intermodal mobility.

FREEWAY is an hybrid type of bike with no equivalent product on the market ; nevertheless, its market is already very broad. The most direct competition of FREEWAYcommes from electric bikes, with a good market growth rate that should be 9,1% over 2013-2020 period, to reach a market of 1,9 millions in Europe.

The main objective of FREEWAY business innovation project is the transfer of a new innovative and competitive solution seizing European sector opportunities with the view of providing profitability and growth.

The specific objectives will be to provide technological and economic viability of FREEWAY electro mobility concept in order to develop a market strategy ensuring Europe wide market uptake, support growth and self-sufficiency at mid-term and participate to Europe bike industry leadership.

In addition, Freeway business innovation project will address urban environmental and mobility defies by offering the market with an innovative electric powered vehicle which is more light, more practical, more safe and secure and more trendy for the users, thus, improving users' quality of life with an innovation offering a door-to-door environmentally-efficient mobility that will quickly and successfully break into European market.
Although today we take note we have not yet availlable to finish the project in the delay. We estimate that we reach 75 % of our aims.
However after the commercial success in the International Paris fair-Trade, we decided to finish the industrialization of freeway with our Equity.
For the production Launching we will be for your support to identify the European Programm which might to contribute to the finnancing.
Futhermore we will engage to communicate positively about the European support got by Freeway SAS. This Support was fundamental for the development of Freeway in the future.
⇨ To validate FREEWAY standard prototype with regards to the project objectives of high quality innovation seizing European and global business opportunities;
The standard prototype still shows some weaknesses about the speed and the weight, which will be easily solved during industrialization process. The management team confident on this. As for the dynamics and stability the standard prototype has achieved the innital performance objectives.

⇨ To enhance the vehicle weight, battery life and reliability without compromising on safety and delivering a more robust and well managed battery system thus improving the cost-performance ratio of electric vehicles
As mentioned above, FREEWAY standard prototype does not achieve its weight objective, adjustments must still be done to reach a weight objective of 14/15 kg, this will be achieved by selecting subcontractors offering component on composite materials to lighten the vehicle. As for the engine, some modification of the controller must still be done in order to reduce the triggering speed of the electric propulsion down to 1,5km/h and to increase the torque to reach more easily the 25km/h top speed.

⇨ To perform an economically viable production pilot lines for FREEWAY quick market up-take.
Not started so far. Due to the delays of the prototype development, the adapted production pilot lines are not defined yet, but the last exchanges with RGM indicated that the delays would therefore have to be made up for subsequently and the production pilot lines for a quick market uptake could be delivered on time.

⇨ To contribute to the standardization strengthening the competiveness of the European bike industry.
Not achieved at this stage, because it would be when FREEWAY will be launched in the European bike market.

⇨ To provide go-to-market efforts by developing a distribution network of at least 100 selling points in Europe.
The Sale representatives will start the visits with the distributors in France and then 8 targeted European countries from August until December. The sale representatives will write reports of these visits, that will help to build our distribution network.

⇨ To enhance the commercial potential and impact of FREEWAY with an efficient commercial strategy.
Not started so far and it will result of the visit encounters with the distributors, as mentioned in the point just above.

⇨ To enhance profitability and growth performance of FREEWAY SAS enabling market up-take in a very short term with an objective of 6000 units sold at the end of year 2.
Despite the delay relating to the initial work plan, the actions of the market replication and relating to planned objectives in this field will be achieved on time.

⇨ To support commercial uptake of FREEWAY with interactions activities with potential users: 100 FREEWAY ambassadors traveling 8 European countries.
Not started so far as described in the initial work plan. As described above, it will be effective when the market replication will be launched.

⇨ To ensure key stakeholders involvement by providing various and effective awareness raising actions on the disruptive characteristics of FREEWAY and attract decision makers and investors.
On good progress through several meeting with potential investors and substantial dissemination actions, as for example participation of Mr Raoul Parienti in conferences with civil society, decision makers and industrials (CGPME “Planete PME Event” on June 2015, COP 21 Climate Solution Presentation on December 2015, conference in Nice on January 2016, conference in Paris for GP 21 Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility on April 2016), participation of Mr Raoul Parienti in TV shows and radios interviews regularly, meetings with national and local decision makers (as the Head of the GART Agency, the French Transportation Agency, Mr Nègre).

⇨ To develop scenario taking into account societal trends.
On progress through all project development: for example with the FREEWAY various versions taking into account the targeted audience: persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, inter-cities use for the work commutes, in a version for all road.